Pictured Above: Me with natural makeup (sans lashes), Professional Wedding Photos soon to come !

Brides (and grooms) Welcome

Since my first wedding, I've loved the experience from start to finish. My focus is on making sure you feels as beautiful and comfortable as possible, and that my presence is nothing but positive and calming energy.

I’m here to give you any wedding look you desire, whether that be fresh and illuminating, classic bridal, or (even) editorial.

I have a process to keep everything running smoothly, so you can feel well rested and prepared. I also schedule bridesmaids makeup time before the wedding day and make sure they're contacting me with questions (instead of using the bride as a medium). 

I’m fully skilled in male grooming and can prepare the groom for his special day as well. In consideration of videography and photography, proper grooming is incredibly important: I can assist in everything from skincare, hair styling, to light makeup application (even if that just means a little powder!).

For inquiries and quotes, please contact me at